How can I get in touch with Parcelforce customer services?

If you are expecting a parcel from parcel force or have sent one and you want to check the status of the delivery then the first place you should head is their online tracking page:

You can also use their website to get quick price quotes:

If you have a query or complaint you can contact them through a few online channels such as Facebook:

Or via twitter which is known for getting quick responses as it is so public, they also promise to answer direct tweets on their website:

If your parcel has gone missing the first thing you should do is fill in the online claims form which can be found here:

Need to speak to Parcelforce?

This can only be used if you sent your item directly though Parcelforce, if you used a 3rd party company such as:
• Parcel Monkey
• P4D
• Parcels r us
• Send It Now

Then you will need to make a claim directly to the third-party company, details of the processes should be available on each website.
If you still need to get in contact with parcel force after completing this process or have another query then you can contact their customer service department via phone:
0344 800 4466 – This line is open 8am-7pm Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm Saturday, and 9am-5pm on Sunday.

If you need to contact through the Welsh language then you can call: 0344 800 5550
If you are hard of hearing then you can use the Textphone service on : 08000 855 854

If you would prefer to contact them in writing you can use the online form here:
Or via post here:
Parcelforce Worldwide Claims Centre
PO Box 491

Claims must be made in the following time scales:
• 30 days of despatch for all UK claims
• 15 days of despatch for globalexpress:
• 30 days of despatch for irelandexpress and globalpriority
• 120 days of despatch for globalvalue and HM Forces

Parcel force do not offer an email address of physical address for making complaints other than claims.

If you have complained to Admiral via the online claims portal or the help form and have not received a satisfactory answer then you can contact the retail ombudsman, you will need to make sure you have exhausted the internal compalints procedure before contacting the ombudsman. This is to ensure that the Parcelforce contact number have had a chance to close the claim prior to the ombudsman getting involved:

You can email the Retail Ombudsman here:

You can write to the Retail ombudsman at this address:

The Retail Ombudsman, 33 floor Euston Towers, 286 Euston Road, London, NW1 3DP

The phone number for the Retail Ombudsman is:
020 3540 863 – this is a local rate number.

If you need any more information on The Retail Ombudsman you can find their website here:

You should ensure you keep copies of any letters you write or phone calls you make in relation to your complaints.

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