Parcel Force's letter to Santa

How to send a letter to Father Christmas

Make sure you’re top of Santa’s list by using the Royal Mail/Parcel Force to get in touch with him this Christmas.

Writing to Santa

Father Christmas has asked all good boys and girls to write their letters and post them to him at the North Pole by Friday 8 December.

His elves at Royal Mail will help deal with the thousands of letters heading Santa’s way over the next six weeks – a special tradition which is now in its 54th year.

To make sure your letter reaches him in time, pop it in a stamped envelope by Friday 8 December and send to:

Santa/Father Christmas
Santa’s Grotto

Replies from Santa

Don’t forget to include your full name and address when telling Santa what you would like under the Christmas tree as, every year, some lucky children get a reply to their letter.

As Santa and his helpers are busy getting all the presents ready for Christmas Eve, not every letter can get a response, but he always does his best to fit in as many as possible.

Remember – don’t forget to include a stamp on your envelope, and your own name and address with your letter, so Santa knows how to get in touch with you!

Top requests to Santa

Over the years, Santa has received lots of requests for toys, games and gadgets, as well as some more unusual presents.

Special requests include sending gifts to charities and hospitals, providing food for the homeless and even moving Christmas to a different day altogether so family and friends can celebrate the season together.

Father Christmas also receives lots of gifts along with his letters, including mince pies, sweets and carrots for Rudolph and the other reindeers.